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 Interview on the government formation in Belgium, LN24, 9 March 2020. 

 Interview on the presidential primaries in USA, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 3 March 2020.

 Interview on the presidential primaries in USA, RTL-TVI, RTL Info, 3 March 2020. Link

 Interview on the government formation in Belgium, LN24, 19 February 2020.

 Interview on the sanctions against Emir Kir, BX1, Journal télévisé, 13 January 2020. Link

 Interview on government formaiton in Spain and Belgium, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 12 January 2020. Link

 Interview on the political crisis in Belgium, LN24, 9 January 2020. Link 

 Interview on the political crisis in Belgium, BX1, Toujours + d’actu – Le zapping, 9 December 2019. Link

 Interview on the parties' international elections, LN24, 2 December 2019.  

 Interview on protest movements around the world, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 3 November 2019. Link

 Interview on the compulsory voting in Belgium, BX1, Toujours + d’actu – Le zapping, 22 October 2019. Link

 Interview on the formation of the federal cabinet, LN24, 8 October 2019. 

 Interview on the elections of the president of the MR, LN24, 3 October 2019. Link 

 Interview on the involvement of citizens in politics, LN24, Zoom de midi, 3 September 2019.

 Interview on the elections in Walloon Brabant and the cabinet formation, TV COM, Votre commune et vous, 25 June 2019. Link

 Interview on the strategy and ideology of the Vlaams Belang, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 27 May 2019.

 Interview on the political crisis in the Belgian federal cabinet, BX1, Magazine #M, 18 December 2018. Link

 Interview on the Vlaams Belang and the migration compact, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 8 December 2018. Link

 Interview on the local elections in the Walloon Brabant province, TVCom, Emission Votre Commune et vous, 30 October 2018. Link

 Interview on the citizens' lists in local elections, BX1, Journal télévisé, 18 September 2018. Link

 Interview on the emergence of small and new parties, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 27 December 2017. Link

 Interview on the political situation in Honduras after the elections, RTBF, Emission Vews, 2 December 2017. Link

 Interview on nationalism in Japan, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 23 October 2017. Link

 Interview on the referendum for independence in Catalonia, BX1, Magazine #M, 29 September 2017. Link 

 Interview on the survival of the regional cabinet in Wallonia, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 26 July 2017. Link 

 Interview on the composition of the future regional cabinet in Wallonia, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 24 July 2017. Link

 Interview on the Publifin scandal - can we still trust our politicians?, RTL-TVI, Emission Pour ou Contre, 10 March 2017. Link

 Interview on the importance of the family for electioral strategies in the US, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 9 November 2016. 

 Interview on the resignation of the Education minister, BX1, Journal télévisé, 11 April 2016. 

 Interview on political opinion polls, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 26 January 2016. Link

 Interview on the inaugural session of the federal parliament, TéléBruxelles, Emission #m, 14 October 2014.

 Interview on the content of the federal coalition agreement, TéléBruxelles, Journal télévisé, 8 October 2014. 

 Interview on the formation of the federal government, TéléBruxelles, Emission #m, 7 October 2014.

 Interview on the Belgian federal and regional parliaments, BBC, 27 September 2014. Link

 Interview on the installation of the regional parliaments, Canal C, Emission spéciale, 10 June 2014.

 Interview on the formation of the regional government in Brussels, TéléBruxelles, Journal télévisé, 5 June 2014.

 Interview on the formation of the federal government, TéléBruxelles, Débat, 3 June 2014.

 Interview on the electronic voting in Brussels, Télé Bruxelles, Emission spéciale Elections, 27 May 2014

 Interview on the election results in Brabant Wallon, TV-COM, Emission spéciale, 26 May 2014

 Interview on the regional elections, RTL-TVI, Emission RTL+, 20 May 2014

 Interview on the 2014 national and regional elections, Polish TV, 14 May 2014

 Interview on the party manifestos for the 2014 elections, RTBF, Mise au Point, 13 April 2014.

 Interview on the projects of the Brussels government for 2014, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 5 January 2014

 Interview on the local election results, Télé Bruxelles, Emission spéciale Elections 12h30, 15 October 2012

 Interview on the local election results, Télé Bruxelles, Emission spéciale Elections 18h, 15 October 2012 

 Interview on the local election results, Télé Bruxelles, Soirée électorale, 14 October 2012

 Interview on the local elections in Brussels Bruxelles, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 17 April 2012

 Interview on electons polls in Brussels, Télé Bruxelles, Journal Télévisé, 12 March 2012

 Interview on the results of the N-VA in election polls, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 3 Decembrer 2011

 Interview on the socio-economic issue of the government formation, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 8 Novembrer 2011

 Interview on the agreement on the state reform, Télé Bruxelles, Journal Télévisé, 11 October 2011

 Interview on the split of the MR and FDF, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 19 September 2011

 Interview on the agreement on the split of BHV, Télé Bruxelles, Journal Télévisé, 14 September 2011

 Interview on the book of A. Destexhe on the Flemish movement, Télé Bruxelles, journal télévisé, 22 May 2011

 Interview on the caretake government, La Deux, RTBF, journal télévisé de 19h, 22 March 2011

 Interview on the political crisis in Belgium, Télé Bruxelles, journal télévisé de 18h, 27 January 2011

 Interview on the political crisis in Belgium, Télé BruxellesTélé Bruxelles, journal télévisé de 12h30,  27 January 2011

Interview on the citizen's mobilisation in times of crisis, Télévision Suisse Romande, journal télévisé, 13 January 2011

 Interview on the negociation method proposed by the CD&V and the N-VA, RTBF, journal télévisé, 12 January 2011

 Interview on the negociations on the state reform, RTBF, journal télévisé, 10 January 2011

 Interview on the negociations on the state reform, RTBF, journal télévisé, 8 January 2011

 Interview on the proposals of Vande Lanotte regarding finances, RTL-TVI, Emission RTL+, 25 November 2010

 Interview on the scenarios for the future of Belgium, ERR (Estonian Public Television), 23 November 2010

 Interview on the caretaker government, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 26 October 2010

 Interview on the re-assembly of the Brussels parliament, Télé Bruxelles, journal télévisé, 20 October 2010

 Interview on the re-assembly of the Brussels parliament, Télé Bruxelles, Emission spéciale, 20 October 2010

 Interview on the political crisis in Belgium, RTBF, Emission spéciale, 18 October 2010

 Interview on the future of the Brussels region, RTL-TVI, émission « Belgique. Le plan B », 12 October 2010

 Interview on the negociations on the state reform, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 6 October 2010

 Interview on the stop of the institutional negotiations, RTBF, journal télévisé, 14 September 2010

 Interview on the negociations on the state reform, RTBF, journal télévisé, 16 August 2010

 Interview on the issue of Brussels in the negociations on the state reform, Télé Bruxelles, journal télévisé, 11 August 2010

 Interview on the government formation, RTL-TVI, Journal télévisé, 2 August 2010

 Interview on the declaration of the pre-formateur Elio Di Rupo, RTBF, Journal télévisé, 31 July 2010

 Interview on the formation of the federal government, RTL-TVI, Emission RTL+, 22 July 2010

 Interview on the 2010 electoral campaign in Belgium, EER, Estonian public TV, 12 June 2010

 Interview on the split of the electoral disctrict of BHV, RTL-TVI, Journal Télévisé, 14 April 2010

 Interview on the regional and community coalitions, RTL-TVI, Emission RTL+, 16 June 2009

 Interview on the Flemish vote in Brussels for the regional elections, RTL-TVI, Journal Télévisé, 10 June 2009

Interview on the behaviour of young voters for the EU elections, Euronews, 4 May 2009

 Interview on the candidacy of Luc Van den Brande to the Council of Europe, RTBF, Journal Télévisé, 15 April 2009

 Interview on the candidates Prime Ministers, Journal Télévisé, RTL-TVI, 20 December 2008

 Interview on the interim government of Verhofstadt, Journal Télévisé, RTL-TVI, 10 December 2007 

 Interview on the political crisis and community conflict in Belgium, Polish TV (TVN), 5 Decembre 2007

 Interview on the N-VA, Emission RTL+, RTL-TVI, 29 November 2007

 Interview on the electoral alliance CD&V – N-VA, Journal Télévisé, RTL-TVI, 27 November 2007

 Interview on the split of the electoral disctrict of BHV, Emission RTL+, RTL-TVI, 8 Novembre 2007

 Interview on the split of the electoral disctrict of BHV, Czech National TV (Ceska Televize), 6 November 2007

 Interview on the competences of formateur Yves Leterme, Journal Télévisé, RTL-TVI, 22 Agust 2007

 Interview on the federal elections in Brabant Wallon, Journal Télévisé, TV-COM, 7 June 2007

 Interview on the re-assembly of local councils, Journal Télévisé, TV-COM, 5 December 2006

 Interview on the analysis of local election results, Journal Télévisé, TV-COM, 9 October 2006

 Interview on the extreme-right in Belgium, Emission RTL+, RTL-TVI, 2 October 2006

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