Research Projects



Regional elections in Latin America, 2015-

Regional and local elections in Brussels, 2014-

Second-order elections in Ecuador, 2013-2014

Local elections in Wallonia and Brussels, 2012- Project summary

Sub-national elections in comparative perspective, 2012

Regionalisation of Regional Elections, 2010-

Regional Mediterranean Governance, 2010-2011

Main researcher 

Internet voting in Belgium, 2020-21

  • Final reports (in French), Part 1 and Part 2

Local elections in Belgium, 2018-2019

E-voting in local elections, 2013-2014

Regional Election Campaign, 2010-2011

Inter-institutional concertation, 2010

Regional Activation in Europe, 2009-2010

Local Elections Survey, 2006

Peace Processes in Community Conflicts in Europe (Peace-Com) 2005-2006. FP6 webpageProject summary and Reports

Regional Representative Democracy in Europe (RegDem), 2003-2004

Political Agenda Setting in Belgium (Agenda), 2001-2004

Associate researcher

EUandI (European University Institute), 2019. Website

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), 2018-2020. Website

Changing patterns of participation and representation (PARTIREP), 2012-2016. Website

Democracy Barometer, 2012-2013. Website

Democratic Control in the Member States of the European Council and the Euro zone Summits, 2012. Final report

EU Consent (EU 27 Watch), 2008-2010. Website

Pre-electoral and Exit-Polls surveys in Belgium, 2007-2018

Candidates to Belgian Federal and Local Elections (Candi-Kandi), 2006-2007

Organized Civil Society and European Governance (CivGov), 2004. FP5 webpage - Project Summary and Reports - Final report

Comparative Manifesto Project (CMP), 2002-2006. Website

European Green Parties Membership Survey, 2002. Website

Crime Concern Survey, 2001-2002


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