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Nov 16, 2021

New book chapter on caretaker cabinets


Dandoy Régis, Terrière Lorenzo (2021). Caretaker governments in Belgium: The new normal? In: Caluwaerts D., Reuchamps M. (eds.) Belgian Exceptionalism. Belgian Politics between Realism and Surrealism. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 123-137.

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New book chapter : Caretaker Governments in Belgium. The new normal?

Teaser: Yves Leterme took oath as prime minister of Belgium on 20 March 2008, concluding a political crisis that started almost one year earlier. But the Christian democratic leader is not remembered for being the prime minister who managed to handle the financial crisis or who failed to reach an agreement on the sixth Belgian state reform. He will rather be remembered for an odd record: out of his 1026 days as Belgian prime minister, Leterme spent more than half of it (59.55%) as chief of a caretaker government (cabinets Leterme I and II). This remarkable statistic illustrates that caretaker governments are not an extraordinary phenomenon in Belgian politics. Instead, they are becoming an integral part of the political dynamics in this country.

You can download the book chapter (for free) here.

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