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Oct 27, 2017

Call for Papers - Conference on West-European Politics in 2017

Call for papers - Conference on "West-European Politics in 2017"
Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan), 11 January 2018

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International Conference - Call for Papers

"West-European Politics in 2017"

Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
Thursday 11 January 2018

2017 was a crucial political year in Western Europe. This conference intends to reflect upon the important and relevant political events that occurred on the European continent and to draw some tentative comparisons and indications on future developments. Experts and observers from Japan and Europe will share their views and analyses of this political year in Western Europe.

Several major West-European countries went to the polls in 2017. France elected its new president and legislative assembly while Germany and the UK entirely renewed their parliament, as well as Austria, the Netherlands and Norway. At the local and regional levels, there have also been elections in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the UK. Election outcomes indicated two interesting trends: a continued success of radical-right populist parties and the designation of pro-European parties and leaders.

Brexit has been one of the main political and policy topics in Western Europe in 2017, not only in the UK but also in the European institutions and the main capitals. The visits of Trump also highlighted ideas for a stronger and independent European Union, based among others on trade and defence. Territorial issues stayed high on the political agenda, particularly in Catalonia where an independence referendum was organized, while issues related to migration and terrorism remain a major concern for most of West-European governments and societies.

Interested participants are invited to send their communication proposal (max. 300 words) to rdandoy@aoni.waseda.jp before 15 November 2017. We welcome empirical and comparative papers as well as papers based on case studies that reflect upon relevant political and electoral events that occurred in 2017.

A few days before the conference, selected participants will be asked to submit a short report of 5 pages of their analyses (including 5 to 10 bibliographical references, with a possibility of 2 additional pages for tables, graphs and/or maps). These reports will be made available for the other participants and for the audience.

Organizing committee: Hidetoshi NAKAMURA, Régis DANDOY, Airo HINO


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